New Sushi?

Sara Turner

Hampshirites woke up Wednesday, February 3rd to the addition of a commercial food cooler at the Bridge—filled with shelves of pre-made sushi. The variety outpaces the café’s previous selection, boasting eleven varieties spanning from shrimp tempura rolls to spicy tuna salmon rolls. Prices range from a median $6.45 to $7.95 selections, the latter of which are not available for meal-swap inclusion. Despite the relative variety, students generally voiced their discontent with the sushi, noting the rice and fish did not meet their standards. Vegetarian and vegan options are also not available at this time.

“Customers seem to like this new sushi less than the previous sushi,” Bridge Café worker Emmanuel Morales said, a statement backed up by students Andrew Gordon, who didn’t like the rice, and Bruno Vega, who didn’t like the wasabi.

According to Bridge Café workers, a partnership with a new sushi company has been reached and the sushi available now—from a delivery company based in New Jersey—is a temporary option before this partnership begins. On or after February 28th sushi will again be made fresh every morning in the Bridge Café.

“It’s an interim,” said Bridge Café worker Andrew.

A gap exists between the termination of the previous sushi partnership and the beginning of the new partnership. What determined this gap in contracts is unsure; what is sure is that the temporary sushi was meant to fill the demand for the return of sushi by patrons. Those who frequent the café greatly anticipate a fresh replacement to this pre-packaged sushi.

“I’ve heard bad things about it,” student Ben Bailey said. “It’s not faring well in the court of public opinion.”

Lile Merrell eats it anyway, “because there’s no honey mustard chicken wraps left!”

Those with questions, comments, and complaints are encouraged to fill out comment cards available at the café and dining commons or contact Café Bon Appetit general manager Andrew Fleischer.



  1. Thanks for getting to the bottom of this sushi debacle.


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