Yurt Update

Ben Stumpf and Sara Turner

Over the past few semesters, the Yurt has experienced some growing pains trying to fit together the old and the new. Old equipment, new technology. Old space, new shows. Old traditions, new energy. This tossing and turning has kept us up at night, but not in the way we’d like—pumping tunes in the Yurt, that is!

Well, in some quasi-Nietzschean self-overcoming, the dusty old Hampshire radio station has been reborn as the Yurt Media Center it always was. This semester the Yurt will be not only be hosting radio shows, but also live music, comedic performances, and open mics. The Yurt will serve as a space in Hampshire’s multimedia cultural community.

The Yurt is back! Well, almost, as soon we get these fresh DJs off the grill. Trainings will commence over the next few weeks for newly-scheduled DJs.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 7.15.26 PMHere is the schedule for this semester’s broadcasts! Be sure to tune in at radio.hampshire.edu for some incredible music, commentary, and comedy.

If you would like to use the Yurt this semester for an event, please contact radiocontact@hampshire.edu for more information!

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