Hampshire Hackathon

Dylan Eli

Open to any students from any institution, Hamp Hack hopes to take the Pioneer Valley by storm as Hampshire’s first 24 hour interdisciplinary hacking event. Students from design, art, and tech backgrounds will work in teams to tackle issues related to Environmental Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, Brains and Development, and Life Hacks.  Co-creator Nirman Dave said the Hackathon is a platform to raise awareness about global issues like air pollution, and to provide a space with resources for students to use to make functional solutions. The event is sponsored by Barnstone Studios, an Amherst-based 3D printing hub which will donate printers for the participants to use during the event. Additionally, Major League Hacking- the official student Hackathon league-  will provide software- like Oculus Rift, an immersive virtual reality display technology- for students to use while making their prototypes.

Your cool and innovative prototype may even win one of the many awards! For instance, the team who wins the Health Makers Startup award will be eligible for 6 months of free incubation through TechSpring, a health tech focused organization in Springfield, MA! Other prizes include an RC Quadcopter Drone and an Amazon Echo! Go to  the HampHack Facebook page for more details!

If you’d like to participate, contact hamphack@hampshire.edu to register or do it at 4pm at FPH on Feb. 26th.


Hamp hack

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