Student Assembly Summary

Adam Blaustein Rejto

Did you miss the Student Assembly last Friday? That’s okay, here’s a summary!

  • A majority of students agreed that the Educational Policy Committee (EPC) should put the schools of thought (NS, CSI, etc) in charge of distribution requirements, instead of general divisional requirements. Students also agreed that Independent Studies should be broadened to allow project evaluators to include students, staff and non-Hampshire professionals.
  • Students preferred that HYPE hire student performers for Spring Jam rather than pay a large sum of of money to off-campus artists.
  • Surprising everyone, it turns out that Hampshire’s retention rate has increased this year.
  • The Kern Center’s price tag is now close to $9.5 million, from the originally proposed $4 million budget.
  • Next year, Faculty will receive small salary raises, but Staff members will not.
  • The FarmSTAR committee has plans to build ADA compliant trails in the woods near the new Hitchcock Center. They are developing a 5 year strategic plan for the farm, which includes an examination of pesticide use on campus lawns.
  • Hampshire does not have a binding contract with Bon Appétit, meaning they are not obligated to fulfill the promises they initially made to the college. Hampshire Food Advocates are auditing the service’s purchasing records. The Bottom Line: Hampshire is spending the $$ but BA isn’t meeting their goals.
  • The closing conversation focused on our current student governance model and suggestions as to how to restructure HSU were raised. Overall, the suggestion was to build upon a more traditional model that would incentivize accountability and participation.

If YOU want to be a part of the change that this campus needs, here are two ways to do so:

HSU meets Mondays at 7PM in the APL and ReRad meets Tuesdays at 6PM in the APL.

The next student assembly is scheduled for: MARCH 4th, 3-5PM in the PRESCOTT TAVERN.

And if you want to be even more involved, run in the student elections next month!

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