This Week in Climax History 3/2



  • Former music professor Roland Wiggins, who sued the college for discrimination with regards to his denial of reappointment, has settled out of court; student trustee Anita Fearman discovers that $145,000 was removed from the endowment for a “one-time legal fee”. [The Permanent Press: March 17, 1989)
  • Leon Brown, a third-year student and the Chairperson of the Committee on Community Activities, has reportedly used a theatre production of “Godspell” to generate hundreds of dollars in illicit revenue for C.O.C.A. [Climax: February 23, 1979]
  • As the result of the Electric Incentive Program to save energy, students living on campus save $1,530 in a little over a month. The money goes to Financial Aid. [Climax: February 27, 1973]
  • The Third World student body writes an open letter to the Hampshire community detailing problems with Hampshire’s academic program, Third World representation, and Financial Aid. [Climax: February 25, 1972]
  • The Hampshire College hockey team visits Windham College; first-year student Carlos Garcia ties the game 3-3 with a dramatic goal in the last few seconds. Windham is bewildered; Hampshire goes home happy. [Climax: February 25, 1972]
  • A scheduled all-community meeting is interrupted and ultimately suspended as members of the Students of Under-Represented Cultures and Ethnicities (SOURCE) group announce that Third World students have occupied the Dakin Masters’ House, with demands forthcoming. A vigil is held in the Dakin quad that evening. [The Permanent Press: February 26, 1988]

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