Tim’s Late News

Tim’s Late News

“This Tim(e) It’s different”


I got a letter from my friend last week. The letter came in a tiny envelope that was sealed with a strip of scotch tape. Inside was a single notebook page with the date February 2016 and a couple sentences written in blue cursive script.

My friend mainly wrote about how hard it was for her to write the letter. She explained this because for some reason writing made her feel purposeless. While I read this I thought of my reply and how I would go about it. “Should I talk about my newspaper column? Why? It’s not like that’s going to give you or her a purpose…” Now she had me thinking about what’s worth to write. “Can I write what’s worth in a couple sentences or will I create a lacking version of who I am?”

All of these questions seem silly to me now but they caused me to write three separate letters. Two of them ended up in the trash with no audience. However, I somehow found a way around answering questions like, “What is worth to write?” I think I did it through remembering that in the letter she wrote the phrase, “But maybe purpose is overrated.”

I wanted to stick to that idea. It’s only one fragmented letter… not a final piece of writing that represents who I am when I’m dead and gone. No big deal, just a nice thing you can spend your time doing.

And with that I quickly wrote a message and stuck in into an envelope. I needed to be done with this and move on.

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