Vibe Alert!

  1. Saturday, February 27th at the Roos-Rhode House: Doors open at 8:30PM, music starts at 9PM. Four amazing acts will perform, changing the face of Hampshire shows forever.

    Listening Woman (Boston) is an eight piece bizarro-pop ensemble laden with an authentically modern sense of nostalgia that may find listeners traversing a warped deja-vu of decades-old MTV, Saturday morning cartoons, John Zorn’s New York City, workout videos, and more. I PROMISE you will freak the F out when you hear this music.

    Twins of El Dorado (New York) is a voice-trumpet duo featuring the vocalist Kristin Slipp (of Cuddle Magic) and Joe Moffett that explores the concept of the art song and the intersection of text and music, subtly testing the boundaries of the meaningful and the purely emotional.

    Wendy Alembic (Boston) plays solo electric guitar and uses her voice to play songs of complexity and emotion and feeling. I wish I could write songs with this level of earnestness and I wish you did too. Maybe you could if you tried!

    Liam Birkerts + Jack Corcoran (Hampshire) are two young experimenters that can be trusted to deliver something of beauty and joy. Both playing upright bass, this is a set not to be missed which is why you should be there on time! (Music starts at 9PM sharp!!)

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