This Week In Climax History

Mar. 1:

After reaching preliminary agreement on revised demands, Students of Under-represented Cultures and Ethnicities (SOURCe) end their occupation of the Dakin Master House, ending the longest takeover in Hampshire history. [The Permanent Press: March 11, 1988]

Students rally in support of Roland Wiggins, a black professor of music, who has been suspiciously denied reappointment; an all-community meeting is held on the issue, and students hold a candlelight vigil in front of Adele Simmons’s house. [In Black and White: March, 1986]

A ban on all types of smoking at “certain indoor group meetings” on campus goes into effect, after being approved by Community Council; the new rule allows for smoking at meetings when all present are smokers, and recommends “smoke breaks” when not. [Community Council Minutes: February 14, 1975]

Mar 2

An aerosol can explodes after being left on a hot burner in the Dakin K-2 lounge; another is found about to explode three days later. [Climax: March 5, 1974]

President Charles Longsworth and Vice President Bob Birney bring Amherst Police detectives to campus to investigate the theft of the confidential files, which had been appearing in students’ mailboxes. Afterwards no more copies of the files are posted. [Climax: March 5, 1974]

Mar. 3:

The Student Workers Coalition organizes a job walkout by work-study students, threatening a strike if the administration does not renegotiate a pay raise; an administrative task force had recommended a 25-cent raise, which workers felt was not enough. [The Permanent Press: March 11, 1988]

Mar 4

Student Scott Blau opens and operates “Bookie Blau’s Exchange” out of a Merrill dorm room, offering a variety of books, including class texts, for exchange or low cost; the Uroboros bookstore in the library had recently prohibited browsing. [Climax: March 4, 1975]

Mar 5

Funding for the Intran TV show “Voice of the Top Two”, produced by students David Taub and Steve Herman, is cut by Community Council. The council had received numerous complaints about the show from groups on campus who alleged that it was offensive. [Community Council Minutes: March 5, 1985]

Mar 6

Several students in the Merrill-Dakin quad report an incredibly bright, bluish-green elongated light that floats across the sky for ten seconds; throughout the night people from local towns also report the UFO, but no explanation is found. [Climax: March 12, 1976]






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