Diversity is Failing at this False “Anti-Racist” Campus

Xavier A. Torres de Janon

3 things that happened in February:

1) The U.S. flag is put half-mast for the death of Judge Scalia, following an executive suggestion. No public responses take place.

2) A swastika appears in the dorms. A hasty, vague email is written ‘announcing’ the incident, with a call for a community forum this Wednesday March 3 at 12 in the Merrill Living Room.

3) Hitler-apologist graffiti appears in the dorms. No campus-wide email has been sent yet.

The situation in this falsely self-branded “Anti-Racist” campus is despicable, and the responses of our “Anti-Racist” administration are disappointing. But, of course, our school is so diverse, our numbers of diversity are so  much better. What is the point of diversity when not being a white cis male is still life-threatening, when bringing terror as a white cis male is forgivable? The “Diversity Action plan” is insufficient and perpetuates violence we are too familiar with.

Of course, and as always, I am not surprised. These realities are textbook cases of white supremacy.

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