Student Group Feature: Vibe

Kenzo Armstrong

Good Vibes

Are you interested in booking and organizing shows at Hampshire College? Join Vibe!

Vibe plans live, acoustic, and amplified music shows for the Hampshire community that are diverse in genre. They support musicians of color, female/queer musicians, Hampshire musicians, Five College bands and other local bands. Vibe also strives to provide a network of support for musicians from the Five Colleges, the greater Western Mass music scene, and bands from other surrounding music scenes.

As a member of Vibe, you’ll be expected to attend shows, help with equipment, run sound, and the break down and clean up post-show. If you’d like to be a part of this community of musicians and performers dedicated to making Hampshire an inclusive and welcoming venue for musicians of all different types, go to the next Vibe meeting!

They meet on Mondays at 4pm in the boat in the center of the Music and Dance Building.

Contact one of the signers to be put on the e-mail list. Jake Lichter,

Deja Carr,, Lena Abraham,

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