Mall Bus Route Petition

Toby Goodman

How many of you have complained that we don’t have a bus route between Hampshire College and the Hampshire Mall?

As a disabled student, I am, like many, consistently affected by the inaccessibility of the Hampshire Mall. I am fighting to institute a new direct bus route. I’ve talked to people all across campus and I know there is massive interest. Please sign my Facebook petition by following this link: and commenting under the original post with “Yes! I want a bus route from Hampshire to the mall!” If you do not have a Facebook account you can also sign the petition by emailing me directly at

The two-hour long process of traveling from Hampshire to UMass to the mall and back is horrifically annoying and time consuming at best and entirely inaccessible to our school’s disabled students at worst. I contacted the PVTA by phone with this complaint and they asked for a formal inquiry in writing, with proof of support from other students. That’s where you come in. Please sign this petition by commenting with “Yes! I want a bus route from Hampshire to the mall!,” and share with all and any fellow Hampshire Students you know. We can make a change and a difference but we need each other’s active support. It’s that easy.

If you want to do more you can also contact Josh Rickman directly at with your thoughts about adding a route.

Nota Bene: And yes, Hampshire students did protest and stop the bus route that existed in 1979 (this was targeted at an organization called the FreeBus, not the PVTA that exists today)[], but it was in a much different time with students operating under very different priorities. They were protesting the Walmart at the time, and while this is important and valid, the immediate needs of students who don’t have other means of access to daily necessities takes precedence. Students still shop at the Walmart without a bus route. Many of us, especially those who do not drive, rely on the mall for daily living supplies that allow us to continue attending this school, so it IS in the best interest of the PVTA to listen to us. Either way, the fact of the matter is that the PVTA already DOES have a route to the mall, but it is largely inaccessible, and it’s the inaccessibility that needs to be fixed.

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