This Week In Hampshire History 3/23

March 22


A proposal is presented by first-year fellow Tim Higgins, describing plans to redesign the dining commons by building a wall to separate the dish room from the front room and installing sound-absorbing tiles and movable ceiling curtains. [Climax: March 16, 1972]


Five Hampshire students are arrested in a small group that throws ashes, red paint, and blood on the Pentagon concourse in Virginia during a protest of nuclear power and weapons, and selective service registration. [Climax: April 7, 1980]


March 25


Four members of Community Council, students Alexis Eynon, and Seth Mills-Cannon, and staff Sarah Reeves and Steve Berube, resign. They express their dissatisfaction with the process that took place at the previous meeting on March 11, saying that it was personally motivated, secretive, and improperly carried out. [The Forward: April 2, 1997]


Dr. Bob Sanborn, Dean of Student Affairs resigns to take a position as Vice President of the University of Tulsa; many students indicated that they felt “Sanborn was hindering a lot of progress that Hampshire could be making.” [The Forward: March 31, 1999]


Mar 26


A proposal that would give Community Council the ability to allocate part of its budget to the Student Endowment Fund is being considered by Council. Money is currently added to the fund by donations. President Greg Price and College Treasurer, Jack Fortier, both support the proposal. [The Omen: March 26, 1993]


March 27


Students begin protesting potential budget cuts which would eliminate house coordinator positions, staging a sit-in at the President’s office and forming a committee of student interns to discuss alternative options. [Personal account]


After a two-month clandestine stakeout, state police with search warrants raid the campus, targeting Dakin H-l, where they arrest student Keith Dubay and an off- campus friend for possession of one ounce of cocaine and seven pounds of marijuana. [Climax: April 13, 1979]


Less than two hours after the Dakin raid, police take over Enfield mods 65 and 66, where they seize eight large marijuana plants and arrest students Shannon Steel, David Stern, Hiro Chanri, Ellen Blaine, David Hoffman, and Elizabeth Kaplan. [Climax: April 13, 1979]


During the Enfield raid, security guard Ernie Bias falsely announces that the police have a blanket search warrant, sending numerous students into a panic as they quickly dispose of illegal drugs all over campus; dogs are seen staggering for days after. [Climax: April 13, 1979]

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