Hampshire Joins New Consortium

Dylan Eli

In light of recent events at Amherst College and UMASS, Hampshire’s Board of Trustees has voted to withdraw from the five (now four) College Consortium in order to join a gang with a little more style. This means that the new University of California at Hampshire College will open its doors this upcoming F16 semester!

A Howler staff member went around to record people’s reactions:

“It makes a lot of sense because Cali’s like, a huge feeder state, dude.” – said a Div 2 surf bro.

“I’m too excited! This may mean even better burritos in the Bridge.” – Mike Rachman (mr13)

“I hope this means we’re pulling away from entrepreneurship and embracing more ethical fields of study.” –  Xavier (xat12)

The new vibes will be ushered in with the grand opening of another new living building! The center will house S.U.R.F. or Students United for Real-life Fun, which is planned to replace the Hampshire Student Union as our student government. Keep an eye out for the S.U.R.F. elections: nominations open up next week!

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