Hampshire Lets Loose on Free Bowling Night

Dylan Eli


Last Thursday, while students were being turned away at the door, the CLA staff was caught relaxing with free bowling and pizza at Spare Time in Northampton. A Howler contributor stopped by as Gretchen Labonte brought over a pitcher of PBR for their table.“We never get a chance to hang out as an office. Bowling was a much needed break from school work.” she said. The group bowled for 3 full hours, breaking up the Gutterball Tournament with bouts of air hockey and pool. “It was a marathon of fun,” said Brooke “and it’s a shame that more students didn’t make it tonight, especially because our office flyered really well. Maybe next time they’ll make a better effort to get off campus.” A grimacing work-study student who tagged along as the designated driver nodded in silence before running to grab more napkins.

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