A Call For Radical Engagement

Today (4/8) at 6PM in the Merrill Living Room, members of ReRad will host another Community Council Assembly. The intention behind this Assembly is to draw forth suggestions about how to revise the Hampshire College Constitution (yes, it does exist and was last updated in 1998) from students. Folks may say, “Why bother? We’ll all be out of here soon enough.” Although that’s true, an unfortunate reality we face as Hampshire students is this: we struggle, often by ourselves, without much or any time to deal with our everyday issues. Too many students are crushed under the weight of an excessive workload, too many students face microaggressions on a daily basis, too many students feel underappreciated and under or misrepresented and are fed up with a Hampshire College that fails to uphold its mission and values. Please forgive ReRad for a somewhat confusing and last minute advertisement campaign, for these assemblies are meant to be steps towards what many students vocalize they need and want to see: improved intercommunication between student communities and student groups, a shift in our relationship with the Administration, and more power to make or veto decisions that affect student life and our experiences. So show up to this if you can and help ReRad begin this much needed dialogue. Let’s practice the skills that many of us do each day: active listening, compassionate speech, and reflect – both on ourselves and our community, of which we are all integral members. Let’s embrace the history of Hampshire students who united over common goals and join together to push back.

The revised Constitution must be drafted this weekend to be submitted on Tuesday to the Board of Trustees. On Monday, the writers will circulate the draft for last minute edits. Keep your eyes peeled for the updated Constitution on Facebook and in your emails. Hang tight folks, the experiment isn’t over just yet.*

In Loving Solidarity,

Dylan Eli

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