This Week In Hampshire History, 4/8

April 3

Charles Longsworth tries a month-long “experiment” in which he invites students to his house for an evening seminar on writing, assigning and evaluating “short but demanding” papers. [Climax: March 16, 1972]


April 4

An All Community Meeting is held to discuss a variety of issues including the new college logo, Division I changes, graffiti on campus, Physical Plant unionization, and Sarah Hart’s position in film and photo. The meeting began with an interruption by fourth year student Khiran Raj, warning that the meeting was an exercise in futility because the students’ problems would never be fixed as long as Greg Prince is president. Students of color express concerns that their problems were not addressed at the meeting. [The Phoenix: April 12, 1995]

A riot of over 100 students breaks out in the Prescott quad shortly after midnight as students protest an unexpected change in the housing policy which would force students to leave mods that did not have a certain number of returning residents. [The Permanent Press: April 8, 1988]

Community Council approves a motion by member Stephan Jost to designate Greenwich donut 1 as older student housing effective in the fall semester. [The Permanent Press: April 14, 1989]

After a heated debate on a petition by first-year student Ross Chafetz to instate a Jewish student representative on Community Council, the Council forms the Committee to Evaluate Restructuring in order to review specific new membership guidelines. [Community Council Minutes: April 4, 1989]


April 5

Geeky and Dorky, a semi-regular social critic column in The Phoenix that rates social events on campus, writes about, among other things, the appearance of Wavy Gravy, social activist and humanitarian Hugh Romney. Geeky and Dorky, pen names used by two Hampshire Students, give their critical opinion of the talk and the audience, referring to them as “patchouli-purchased-at-Crabtree-and-Evelyn-stinkin’ pseudo hippies.” They also admit to stealing 2 and a half gallons of Ben and Jerry’s Wavy Gravy ice cream from the event. The event is given 1/32 star out of 5. [The Phoenix: April 5, 1995]

About 50 students gather for Hampshire’s first all-community meeting for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and heterosexual or questioning allies; the two-hour meeting addresses an extensive agenda. [The Permanent Press: April 14, 1989]


April 7

The first Hampshire College magazine that was proposed in February by first-year student Barbara Cottman has finally been produced; the staff of the 64-page premiere includes students Francis Goldwyn, Steve Steisel, Karen Braucher, and Art Samuelson. [Climax: April 7, 1972]


April 8

Hampshire students Jane Fleishman, Fred Landes, Terence Tierney, and Bill Price, all members of the PCP (Progressive Candidates Pool), are defeated in an election for membership to the Amherst Town Meeting. [Climax: April 15, 1975]

The scheduled college Town Meeting on April 12 is cancelled by its steering committee due to, among other things, threats by certain students to disrupt it, and a lack of administrative support. [Apostrophe: April 14, 1983]


In a highly contested special meeting, Community Council votes to overturn the housing policy changes proposed by the administration and elects to form a committee to evaluate the situation at its next meeting. [Community Council Misc.: 88S-Z69]

Students and staff including Robert Marquez, Vishnu Wood, Arthur Powell, Roberta Uno, and Celia Alvarez organize the first Third World Cultural Festival, held over four days and featuring entertainment, lectures, and workshops. [Community Council Misc.: 75F-Z32A]

Dozens of Hampshire students join over 600,000 protesters in Washington, D.C., in a national pro-choice march for abortion rights sponsored by the National Organization of Women. [The Permanent Press: April 14, 1989]

Becky, a horse at the Farm Center, is reported missing; she is later found to have been borrowed by Greg Prince’s wife Toni as per a previous agreement, raising suspicions about the dismantling of the horse program, which was decided in March. [The Permanent Press: April 13, 1990]


April 9

Israel Horevitz’s play, “Morning”, which was scheduled for performance in five days, is cancelled by the actors after a number of Third World students object to what they feel are unfair racial stereotypes in the play, which features an all-white cast. [Climax: April 17, 1973]

Ken Garfield is defeated by two incumbents in the election for Amherst Board of Selectmen, but Scott Blau and Dick Sclove are elected to the Town Meeting.[Climax: April 16, 1974]

Northampton District Court orders the case against Andrew Rucks, charged with assault and battery, “continued without finding on Not Guilty plea.” [Climax: April 15, 1975]

Inspired by five dissatisfied Saga workers, a group of about 15 students have begun to take measures to form a legal union of student workers under the National Labor Relations Board.[Climax: April 9, 1976]

After being informed by Charles Longsworth that he will not be recommended for reappointment the next year, linguistics professor Bob Rardin announces his resignation in an emotional recording delivered to the editors of Climax. [Climax: April 9, 1976]

All charges against the six students arrested in Enfield two weeks before are dropped; while the Prosecutor states that “intent to distribute” accusations were “unrealistic”, the Judge agrees, adding that he had even seen “plants” at Amherst College. [Climax: April 13, 1979]


April 10

Community Council approves a proposal from the interim housing committee that will gradually but ultimately lead to the reconversion of Greenwich and Enfield doubles.[The Permanent Press: April 13, 1990]

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