We’ve Failed Our Undocumented Peers

Grant Holub-Moorman

By bringing undocumented students to this campus, we attempted to address a historically marginalized and invisible community in our country. However, we did not do enough by just offering scholarships. We fell short by not recognizing the unique necessities and struggles of our peers. Hampshire does not provide undocumented students with the same financial support system as every other student. Undocumented students are not allowed to apply for work-study. Undocumented students are barred from applying for student grants. Resources from CORC can not be accessed by undocumented students. There is no clear system for undocumented students to run for paid student-elected positions. Once undocumented students leave Hampshire, they are shut out from serving as alumni-staff. It is shameful that we are perpetuating a cycle of exclusion that makes us no different than our xenophobic nation. We, Hampshire students, must hold ourselves accountable by ensuring doors are not shut on our peers. It is not enough to bring undocumented students to our campus. We must actively address our classmates’ needs. Campus resources must be offered to every student, and especially to our undocumented peers. Inclusivity is not rhetoric, it is action.

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