BREAKING: Working List of Demands From Community Engagement Collective

Campus Engagement Collective

This list is nowhere near complete.

If you have additional demands, input, or criticisms, please email This conversation needs YOUR voice!

It is important to credit the student groups that helped to construct or inspired this list of demands. Theses include:

SOURCE: Students of Under-Represented Cultures and Ethnicities

FISH: Forum of International Students at Hampshire

Hampshire Resident Advisors


Student/Worker Solidarity Network

Hampshire’s Community Advocacy Union



The Call for an immediate special session Board of Trustees Meeting
We, the Community Engagement Collective, call for an immediate special session with the Board of Trustees at Hampshire,

  • The Chair of the Board of Trustees must be present.
    • The Board of Trustee Meeting must be held on campus.
    • The Board of Trustees must have quorum
    • The Board of Trustees must request a meeting with Decolonize Media Collective (DMC)
          • Time, place and agenda to be determined by DMC.
      • Hereafter, mandatory time must be allotted for the Cultural Center Director and the other Community Advocacy Directors to speak at all Board of Trustee meetings, providing a channel for students to directly reach the Board.
      • By April 22nd, email the entire Hampshire community formally recognizing, apologizing to, and thanking Decolonize Media Collective (DMC) for their admirable prison divestment campaign.
      • Give $5,000 to DMC in the form of reparations every semester, recognizing their unpaid, unrecognized labor. This is not negotiable.
        • The first disbursement of these funds must occur immediately.
        • These funds must not go through Campus Leadership and Activities, but must be administered directly by DMC.
  • Hereafter, mandatory time must be allotted for the Cultural Center Director and the other Community Advocacy Directors to speak at all Board of Trustee meetings, providing a channel for students to reach the Board.

Divestments and Broken Promises

  • Follow DMC’s divestment plan for Hampshire College to fully divest from the Prison Industrial Complex.
  • Fully divest from fossil fuels, a reality that has not been achieved despite false publicity, by October 1, 2017.
  • Establish a proactive plan for enforcing the unfulfilled Anti-Racist Policy from 2008.
  • Develop a mandatory faculty, staff, and student anti-racist training course, similar to the Community Engagement Learning requirement.


Budget and Priorities

  • Begin annually releasing 100% of Hampshire’s financial holdings by July 30, 2016.
    • These must be easily accessible to the Hampshire College community through the Intranet.
  • Actively fundraise to retrofit current buildings to meet American Disabilities Act guidelines.
  • Allocate an additional $20,000 to the Cultural Center for Fall semester 2016 to be used as the communities affected see fit.
    • These funds must be taken from the following budgets: the President’s Office, Campus Leadership & Activities, the Center for Teaching and Learning, (add more)

Student Life

  • Upon opening, immediately provide 50% or more of floor space at the R. W. Kern Center for unrestricted allocation by students, for students.
    • One space must be given to and for SOURCE, centering Blackness and femininity.
    • One space must be for international students, centering undocumented status.
    • The utilization of the rest of the space is to be decided by students in the Tri-Council.
  • Immediately initiate the process of hiring two additional permanent staff members (in addition to the to-be-hired director of multicultural and international student services) to assist in advancing the goal of Multicultural and International Student Services (M.I.S.S.), which is to “support and advance the intellectual, personal, cultural, and social development of students of color and international students” (Hampshire College, 2016). The current job description for the director of M.I.S.S. is unacceptable for one position; this is exploitation. We demand that more resources are redirected to the Cultural Center.
    • As SOURCE grows, M.I.S.S. must grow to accommodate the growing workload including but not limited to:
      • Visa advising for international students, maintenance of SEVIS record
      • Programming and events that continually examine the fluidity of race, culture, and identity; specifically examining how race and culture intersect with other social identities and their impact on one’s view of self and of the world,
      • Facilitating a safe space conducive to critical dialogues about decolonial education, and the maintenance of intellectual, spiritual, mental and physical health of students of color and international students.
  • Require and ensure all Residential Life staff act in full support of survivors’ needs, entirely independent of Title IX.
    • Require all professional Residential Life staff be held to the same community norms and reporting standards they require of student RAs.
    • The Assistant Area Coordinator for G/E must be made into a permanent student or alumni full-time position that serves and advocates for all RAs. The position must be included in the regular meetings of ACs and the Director of ResLife.
  • Designate a non-mandatory reporting staff position on campus for Students of Color (who is a person of color).
  • Provide institutional support for the autonomy of the pre-existing survivors-only space.
    • Allocate staff and financial support for survivors’ needs without dependence on Title IX
  • All the temporary measures to satisfy student’s needs in relation to mental health have to be deepened and made permanent.
    • Counseling services must add new positions

Faculty, Staff & Students

  • Agree that no current or future disciplinary actions be taken against all faculty, staff, and students participating for their involvement in this initiative, including the President’s Office, CLA, and CTL.
  • Allow and actively encourage staff and faculty (including adjunct and visiting) collective bargaining rights on campus. Control over curriculum does not equal managerial status for faculty. They are employees of the school. Allow them proper self-representation.
  • Actively support and recognize the establishment of the tri-council model proposed and approved by faculty, staff, and students.


  • The Fall 2016 Orientation must be restructured. Students from communities all across campus must be involved in the integral reworking of new student orientation.

Student Representation

  • Beginning Fall 2016, permanently grant equal decision-making capacity to at least one student representative position on all committees that deal with any aspect of the following categories: disciplinary action, community norms, campus health policy, and resident life policy.
    • If a student representative position is not able to be present for whatever reason, minutes of all meetings must be made available to all students upon request.
  • Require that offices employing student-staff include student-staff in full decision-making capacity during all parts of the hiring process.
  • All Hampshire College dining service staff (currently employed under Bon Appetit) will be guaranteed their jobs, pay rates, and union contract during any vendor transition. As part of this commitment, the college will sign successorship language to be included in the current union contract.
    • Students, faculty and staff are included in all decisions about our food system including but not limited to food service provider changes, meal plan changes, and infrastructural changes/improvements to campus dining facilities.

A student-led all-community meeting must be called on Tuesday, April 19th (Classes must be canceled so students faculty & staff can all attend)


  1. Sam Rogerstein · · Reply

    This is ridiculous.


  2. My list of demands:

    Bring back the burritos or I’m not attending. This is not negotiable.


  3. I demanded the burritos be re-added to the list. I don’t feel like my voice is being heard on this forum. This group is being selective of the voices they want to be heard, when all voices, even burritos, should have their say.



  4. I MUST be able to share this on my MySpace page. THIS IS MY DEMAND AND IT IS NOT NEGOTIABLE!


  5. The activists of the 60s and 70s would be ashamed of this list. This is an egotistical temper tantrum written by cry-bullies who think money grows on trees and that college activism should be a paid position. A ton of the points on this list would incur prohibitive additional costs outside of the ridiculous $25,000 demanded (such as ADA renovations, which they will be legally required to do next time a building is renovated), strictly dictating the use of spaces and budgets presumes unjustified and unearned importance on the part of these activists, who definitely do not know all of the details of Hampshire’s finances. I agree that Hampshire should release their financial holdings and increase student representation significantly, but these points fall to the background in this poorly thought through rage list that could just as easily have been written by a group of hangry middle school students.


  6. Also just going to point out that April 22nd is passover, so are they DEMANDING that jewish people work on a holiday?


  7. […] a ridiculous list of demands were released, which demanded $25,000 back pay for college activism (headdesk) and what would […]


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