EMTs and Campus Police

Hello Hampshire Community,

Due to the allegations made against campus police at the community meeting on 4/19/16, Hampshire College Emergency Medical Service (HCEMS) would like to address the role of campus police officers on scene:

Currently, campus police officers attend every EMT call. We recognize that this has lead to a fear of calling the EMTs for medical attention for some individuals, both presently and in the past. We want to let you know that we are concerned, more than ever, that students, staff, and faculty may be reluctant to call for our services in the event of a medical emergency. We want our scenes to promote not only physical but also emotional health and wellbeing. We apologize to those who feel this barrier to accessing our care, and we apologize for not having been more aware of it or proactive in addressing it. Moving forward, we feel a responsibility for doing everything in our power to make sure our services feel accessible and safe to everyone who needs them.

HCEMS met with the administration and campus police this week to discuss the option of attending medical calls without campus police. Our current administrative system requires that we work under the supervision of campus police on scene, although we believe that the presence of campus police on our scenes is unnecessary in most cases. Upon looking into this change, the transition to this protocol may have to be a long-term goal. With that said, we are actively working to implement clearer boundaries for campus police officers on EMT scenes on campus. As a short-term goal, HCEMS is planning on meeting with campus police officers next week to address our concerns and discuss new protocols moving forward.

We have endless gratitude for the Hampshire community and your continued support. As caregivers, our number one concern is working towards the health and wellness of our patients. Moving forward with these changes, our priority will be to advocate for the student body, just as so many of you have advocated for us. In order to get a full picture of how the Hampshire community feels about this issue, we are asking that if anyone has incidents, concerns, or feedback that they would like us to address in this upcoming meeting with campus police to please send us an email at hampshirecollegeems@gmail.com. We will attempt to work with campus police to generate short-term solutions that can be implemented to ensure on-scene comfort and safety until we reach our long-term goal of attending the majority of medical calls independently.

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