The Big Dogs at Hampshire College

Kenzo Armstrong

The financial data at Hampshire College is audited every fiscal year by an independent accountant. The data is reported to a non-profit organization called Guide Star, which publishes this information online. The public can access most of this information free of charge. The report provides details about assets, expenses, and a brief overview of the financial data from the years 2009 through 2014. The college is also required to report its top five highest paid employees. The information most recently reported is from the 2014 fiscal year; although it is two years old, the information hasn’t changed much.

The top five highest paid employees may not be who you would expect. In fact, President Jonathan Lash hasn’t ever cracked the top five. The highest paid employee is Lee Spector, a professor and dean of the school of Cognitive Science. Spector conducts research in parallel processing and biologically based computing and also holds a few patents.

The second highest paid employee in 2014 was Ann Michelle Ruocco, former Director of the Human Resources office. She was in charge of the contractual part of employment i.e. benefits, insurance, and compliance with state and federal regulations that affect workers and employers. She resigned in January of this year. Her position has not yet been filled.

The third, Daniel Ballantine is the Chief Advancement Officer of the Development Office; the department in charge of raising money from alumni, individual donors and foundations.

Jeffrey Wolfman, the director of the Development Office, is the fourth highest paid employee.

Julie Richardson was the fifth highest paid employee and the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid in 2014.

According to a member of the Budget and Priorities Committee, these employees, though the highest paid at Hampshire, earn less than the median pay for the same positions at other schools.

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