This Week in Hampshire History

Apr 30

Nine Division III students publish two letters stating they are unhappy with many decisions made by President Greg Prince including staff firings, pet policy, alcohol policy, union busting techniques, and marginalization of minority students. They claim that Prince has assembled an administration that consistently lies to students and reverses agreements without consultation. To protest these injustices the students refuse to shake hands with Prince at graduation, as well as wearing buttons, or arm bands, and distributing literature. [The Forward: April 30, 1997]

Apr 25

Eric Davis, 20, of Springfield is arrested by Amherst Police upon the report of a disturbance in Mod 58. Shortly after the arrest Davis is charged a sexual assault committed on campus. [Forward: April 30, 1998]

Apr 27

A group of women, as part of a Five College coalition, chalked messages about sexual assault and violence around campus. The students are concerned with school policies on sexual assault because they provide the victim/survivor with very few options. [The Phoenix: April 27, 1995]

Apr. 24:

Student protesters from Hampshire and UMass, calling themselves People for a Socially Responsible University, occupy Memorial Hall at UMass to protest the University’s involvement with Department of Defense research. [The Permanent Press: April 28,1989]

Apr 26

The Committee for the Liberation of Southern Africa holds an all-community meeting to address the opposition of the Trustees and administration to divesting college stocks from South African-related companies. [Climax, Special Issue on Southern Africa: 4/21/77]

Apr 24

The Third World Organization issues a list of imperatives to be met by the college, including priority for Third World faculty and staff candidates, and the institution of programs in Asian, American Indian, and Hispanic studies. [Climax: April 24, 1972]

Apr 26

13 Hampshire students are arrested in a demonstration at Westover Air Force Base in Chicopee, protesting U.S. military assistance to El Salvador and Guatemala, when they cross police lines and illegally enter the base. [In Black and White: May, 1985]

Apr. 28:

Signs have begun appearing on campus prohibiting cigarette smoking in public areas, in compliance with the Massachusetts Clean Air Act, which became law over a year ago. [The Permanent Press: April 28, 1989]

Apr 28

In a college-wide referendum to ban nuclear proliferation, the community passes the decision with a vote of 934 in favor and 21 opposed. [Climax: May 11, 1981]

Apr 25

267 members of the community vote in a referendum to approve the Code of Rights which Community Council has been working on for two years; 164 votes are cast against it, and Council announces that further modifications will be made. [Climax: April 30, 1974]

Apr 25

Community Council approves a “phase-out” plan to ban all new pets from campus effective for the fall semster, 1974; the move comes after numerous attempts to control the pet population problem.[Community Council Minutes: April 25, 1974]

Apr 25

The National Ultimate Frisbee Championships begin in Amherst with colleges from all over the country represented; Hampshire takes second place to Rutgers, who wins in the finals. [Climax: April 29, 1976]

Apr 28

The master keys for both Merrill and Dakin are discovered to have been missing for nearly two weeks when a rash of thefts from locked rooms raises suspicions; the keys had been available to students all year in the house offices for “night use”. [Climax: April 28, 1972]

Apr. 23:

The Grateful Dead Historical Society sponsors a party to set the record for most people in the RCC sauna; founder of the society, John Dwork, joins members of the Permanent Press and Community Council as the head count hits 30 at 6:16 p.m. [The Permanent Press: May 6, 1988]

Apr. 29:

Concerned members of the staff issue a statement condemning a rash of recent graffiti incidents and vandalism that have defaced the multi-sports facilty (still under construction) and various classrooms on campus. [The Permanent Press: April 22, 1988]

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