Decolonize Media Collective disrupts Kern Center opening

[The Kern Center] On Friday morning, Eva Rueschmann, acting President of Hampshire College stood in front of the college’s new building, The R.W. Kern Center. A few minutes into Eva’s opening address, members of the Decolonize Media Collective began a Mic Check call and repeat. Eva stepped aside and five members of the collective came to the mic and read out a statement and demands. The demands highlight the needs of Black Femme survivors of sexual assault, an expansion of the James Baldwin Scholarship, the creation of the CeCe McDonald Scholars program, and the reformation of the Lebrón-Wiggins-Pran Cultural Center. In addition to the released demands, DMC sent out a press release on Friday, describing the past few weeks and the actions of Hampshire College and students during this time. You can read a press release from Decolonize Media Collective and a full draft of the demands below:

Black Femmes Press Release Statement

Decolonize Media Collective Demands

Contact Decolonize Media Collective (DMC) at for more information and interviews.


Find out more about the Decolonize Media Collective at:

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