Hampshire Big Dogs : revised

Kenzo Armstrong

WOOPS! In my last article, The Big Dogs at Hampshire College, I gave you all some incorrect information. Upon further research, I found that Jonathan Lash is, in fact, the highest paid officer at Hampshire College! While Lee Spector, Ann Michelle Ruocco, Daniel Ballantine, Jeffrey Wolfman, and Julie Richardson were the highest paid employees at the school in 2014, a few key officers are paid more than these employees. I learned that distinction the hard way.

The report which lists the exact compensation of each key officer and employee is from 2013; it takes a while for GuideStar to compile and report this financial data. Again, it’s safe to say that this information hasn’t changed much since 2013.

The highest paid person at Hampshire is President Jonathan Lash according to Form 990 Part VII, a form reported to the IRS and made available through GuideStar (which makes Hampshire, as a nonprofit organization, exempt from income tax.) This form reports his compensation from the organization (Hampshire) for the year of 2013, which was $333,815, as well as the estimated amount of other compensation from Hampshire and related organizations, which is listed at $101,357. His grand total earnings from the college and related organizations was $435,172 in 2013.

The second highest paid was Mark Spiro, then VP for Finance and Administration, who racked up $266,828 total that year. Shortly thereafter, Spiro left the school and Mary McEneany took his place.

The third highest paid was Eva Rueschmann, our current Dean of Faculty, who accrued $235,143.

The next is Lee Spector, who you already know is a professor and the former Dean of CS. What you don’t know is that in 2013, he made $184,201 as the highest paid professor at Hampshire college.

Alan Goodman, the former VP and Dean of Faculty, made $175,196 that year.

Daniel Ballantine, the chief advancement officer in 2013, made $167,767.

Ann Michelle Ruocco, Jeffrey Wolfman, and Julie Richardson are next in line.

All of these numbers are average when compared with other colleges’ officers of the same standing. What’s not average, however, is the median family income of Hampshire College students. The average household income of Hampshire College students was $86,132 in 2013. That’s almost 32K above average. Since Hampshire College is largely tuition-funded, it seems like the parents of Hampshire College students are the REAL big dogs.

Is Hampshire drawing in more money from wealthy families to care for the people who live and work for it? Considering the intense backlash against the Administration last semester, the student body doesn’t think so.

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  1. Maggie Bowen · · Reply

    Just as a quick edit, the current dean of CS is Jane Couperus.


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