Summer Update: Campus Happenings

Dylan Eli

Although Commencement came and went, and most folks moved to their respective summer locations over a month ago, Hampshire’s campus has seen a steady stream of activity.

In late May, I noticed that the bike-rim crushing pothole by Franklin Patterson Hall had been repaired.

Repaired walkway

I saw Facilities & Ground staff working with folks from a private company to clean the mods and dorms, noticed a roof construction project in Enfield, and snacked on swordfish and crab cake hors d’oeuvres at  Jill Lewis’ (professor of Literature and Gender Studies for 41 years) retirement party on May 31st.                                                 

F&G crew rinsing bins

(F&G staff, including Lisa Darmet F14, wash and rinse our mysteriously sticky recycling bins).

In early June, alumni gathered to celebrate 20 years since the opening of the Lemelson Center for Design during the Div IV weekend.

A new exhibit in the Main Library Gallery, showcasing the work of Barry Mosher opened too. It runs through September 30th.

More recently, the Kern Center has been buzzing with energy:

On June 13th, the Admissions Dept. officially began relocating and have started to settle in over the last week.

On June 16th, the solar panels on the roof of the Kern Center began generating all of the building’s electricity.

There is no official date yet, but both Howard Wein (93F, Board of Trustee, and founder of Howard Wein Hospitality, LLC) and Carl Weber (Project Manager for the F&G Dept.) told me that the Korn Cafe will be open before the end of summer. More details about this are on the way!

**Connected to this is a well-hidden project regarding the Prescott Tavern. Commercial kitchen equipment and a fresh paint job will turn the Tavern into a bakery that will supply the Korn Cafe with baked goods and pastries. I’ve managed to get in touch with Howard via email, so more details are coming your way about this too.**


Tavern paint job

Prescott Tavern’s kitchen being repainted, early June

New kitchen equipment

New kitchen equipment being stored in the Prescott Tavern

Other, equally important news:

  • The U.S. flag was lowered to half mast following the Pulse shooting in Orlando. The Earth flag was replaced with a rainbow flag.
  • The Task Forces on Racism and Sexual Assault have begun to meet, no word about their working agendas yet.
  • Carla Costa held the last Creativity Center drop-in session on Wednesday June 15th.
  • There are Q & A sessions  with candidates who’ve applied for the Knowledge Commons Coordinator position. If you are available, able, and willing to attend, the dates and times are as follows:
    • From 11 AM to 12 PM in the Airport Lounge:
      • Tuesday 6/28 – Andrew McAlpine
      • Thursday 6/30 – Sergio Chaparro
      • Friday 7/1 – Sarah Lippincott

Email Tatjana Mackin ( or Jennifer King ( to access their resumes.

On June 20th and 21st there were two sessions held in the Merrill Living Room with the candidates applying for the Director of Multicultural and International Student Services position.

If you feel up to it, email Byron McCrae ( with any questions. With a Hampshire log-in, you can access their resumes here.

If you are in the area and want to buy a Hampshire Farm vegetable share a little early and get access to the Pick-Your-Own herb plots, check out the details, here.

Finally, as a reminder, the 2016-2017 Student Election results were posted on the Intranet. Even if you did not vote, check out the list of new officials, here.


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