A Moment of Silence for the Bridge Quesadilla

Amy Deyerle-Smith

The Bridge Quesadilla. An overpriced, delicious mix of ever rotating cheese and tortilla flavors. Every day was a surprise– would it be the green tortilla and the white cheese? The white tortilla and the mixed cheese? The true goal: the green tortilla and the yellow cheese?

Alas, it no longer matters.

For this year, when I went to obtain the surprising cheesy goodness that is the $5 Bridge Quesadilla, I was told the earth-shattering news.

No more Bridge quesadillas.

But how can this be? The Bridge still makes burritos. Burritos that are made of tortillas, and cheese, and meat. The Bridge worker, who shall remained unnamed said, “I know,” and told me to take it up with Andrew of Bon Appetit.

The quesadilla is not the only casualty of the new Bridge menu. Indeed, all sandwiches (including burgers) have now gone the way of Janterm: discontinued, without due notice or satisfying explanation. Rumor amongst the student body is so that it would leave room for the Kern Kafe, but the Kern Kafe, at last check, did not offer quesadillas.

Because I am a busy Howler staff member/div III with three more Slowpoke candies to collect before I can evolve one into a Slowbro, I did not go talk to Andrew in Bon Appetit.

But all might not be lost– scuttlebutt says that the burritos are much better this year.The breakfast ones, said student Kenzo Armstrong, are “dank.” Perhaps, if the nights become too dark and too devoid of quesadillas, I will purchase one of these “dank” burritos. I will bludgeon it repeatedly with a fork until it is flat. Then, for just a moment, I will be able to close my eyes and pretend.

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