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Treat Shepardson

Hello friends, community members, Saga-goers, and people who have found themselves standing bleary-eyed in the post office kind of reading a stack of Howlers! You are reading what we have been calling Hampshire’s only weekly newspaper, a title that in the past has only been held by the Climax, the Permanent Press, Apostrophe, the Pheonix, the Omen, the Forward, In Black and White, Legal Graffiti, Name This Paper, the Paper People, the Climax (again), the Black Sheep, and possibly others. As it turns out, Hampshire has a hell of a turnover rate when it comes to student papers! But right now the Howler is the only one. And if you have any interest in writing, journalism, or community engagement/activism, we want you to be a part of it.

For most of our one-semester lifespan, we have a been a group of about six people. We have worked hard and collectively fretted about everything from the Bridge changing sushi vendors to the school’s Strategic Plan, and while we are proud of what we have been able to do, there is so much room for this paper to grow and evolve. So much is happening here all the time–whether it be a cool Div 3 or our looming budgetary annihilation–that we are essentially always understaffed. Every week we hear about and discuss many more things than we are able to seriously investigate and write about, and we probably only hear about a fraction of everything that goes on here. This conversation needs your voice.


Who are you, what do you exist for, why do we need a paper?


We are a group of people united by the belief that while Hampshire can be a great place, it can at times be a confusing and alienating one. We came together because we did not feel informed as a student body and we wanted to see what would happen if we made a serious and collective effort to rectify that. It is easy to feel like you are not part of the community here; not everyone, but probably many of us, have felt that way at one point or another in our Hampshire careers. The Howler is a medium we use to explore questions that feel important: what is the Hampshire community? What happens in it? What do we expect from it? Do we feel obligated towards it? Print journalism is dead, but we will always need people to answer these questions.


Are you cool and nice, though?


We are all very cool and nice.


What kind of things can I do with the Howler?


We always need writers, editors, reporters, critics, photographers, illustrators, people who can do layout, people who can assist with writing and clarity, funny people, serious people, and people who are excited about what we do. Anyone can pitch an article to the Howler; the one thing we limit is opinion pieces (usually one per issue). Articles we are looking for include campus news, upcoming events, investigative reporting, longform, human interest, reviews of div iii’s/art shows/music and theater, humor/satire, and anything else that is relevant to the Hampshire/Five College/local community. We do ask that anyone submitting an article come to either an editing meeting (Wednesday at 5:30 in the Airport Lounge) or a planning meeting (Fridays, time TBD, airport lounge).


I’m mostly interested in creative writing?


This is not actually a question, but lots of people said this to us at Hampfest, so here’s the deal: we still think you should write for the Howler. Whatever kind of writing you do, there are few things that will improve your writing more than contributing to a newspaper on a regular basis. You have to be clear, concise, and interesting, and allow other people to read and constructively edit your work. This is a craft!


Speaking of Hampfest, I gave you my email address at Hampfest and I never heard from you again, what’s the big deal?


We are very sorry that this happened. One of our signers fucked up and lost almost every email address we collected when his computer crashed. He has been chastised. If you talked to us at Hampfest and haven’t heard anything since, please don’t be discouraged. You can email us at and we will put you on our mailing list for real this time.


What’s the difference between you and the Omen or the Reader?


The Omen and the Reader are wonderful publications and you should certainly get involved with them as well, but neither is a newspaper. The Reader is a once-a-semester literary magazine that features art, poetry, and short creative prose. The Omen comes out once a month. No one is sure what the Omen does.


What else do you want me to know?


When I was a kid I used to think that Prince was Michael Jackson’s son.


What the hell?


I don’t know why I thought this.


Okay, so how do I get involved?


As we mentioned above, our editing meeting is on WEDNESDAYS at 5:30 in the airport lounge meeting room. This meeting is for editors, people who have an article in progress, or people who have submitted an article to us without having met with us before. Our main meetings will be on FRIDAYS in the same meeting room. We are still determining the time for these meetings, so please email us at for the meeting time. Additionally, follow the hampshire howler on facebook for news, updates, and the extra content that doesn’t fit in our print edition. Finally, check out our website at

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