Student Group Feature: Vibe

Jake Lichter

Vibe is a student group that, for the past several years, has provided Hampshire College with something resembling a music scene. If you have been to a show at Saga or the Red Barn or Roos Rohde House in the past few years, it was more than likely put on by Vibe. Who’s in Vibe you ask? The signers are Lena Abraham, Gray Schiller, and Jake Lichter. Does that answer your question? Wrong, it doesn’t even scratch the SURFACE of all the wonderful people involved with Vibe.

Last year they brought bands like Horse Lords, Taxidermists, Jobs, PWR BTTM, Listening Woman, Twins of El Dorado, Pouty, Mannequin Pussy, and many others to campus. They do it all out of the goodness of their own hearts and some strange, unexplainable belief that a college should have live music on the weekends. Crazy, right? Wrong! All colleges should have shows every weekend. Its stupid that we don’t. The bureaucracy is thick at Hampshire, but it can be done.

These three people are not and should not be the only people who bring bands to campus, however! If you play in a band or have friends in bands, you should reach out to Vibe and learn how to set up a show on campus. You can get bands paid by Hampshire College. Cold Hard Cash!

Don’t expect anyone else to make Hampshire’s music scene exist. It has died and will die again if everybody expects someone else to put in the work to make live music happen on campus. We meet at 4PM on Tuesdays in the Music and Dance Building; even if you don’t wanna book shows, you can still come and hang out and talk about music and your cool band and your cool friends who play cool music. Our first official meeting is October 4th!

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