Fundcom Scares Students, But Not For Long Enough

Amy Deyerle-Smith

If you tried to request funding in the last month, you were probably told to talk to Toni Stone. If you ate meeting food in the last month, that’s probably thanks to Toni Stone. If you’ve had any equipment for your student group, if you’ve ridden a horse or printed a publication or replaced the chalice that was stolen from the Spiritual Life Center… it’s because of Toni Stone.

Because Toni Stone is the only official member of FundCom. And this is not sustainable.

“Fundcom needs your help!” said an email from HCAnnouncements last Monday. The subject line was slightly misleading: more accurately, it might have been “SHOW UP TO FUNDCOM IF YOU EVER WANT MEETING FOOD OR CLUB EQUIPMENT EVER AGAIN.”

This has been a theme for Toni Stone, the entirety of FundCom, for the last couple weeks. On her own, she can’t vote, she can’t elect officers, and she doesn’t have time to manage all of student groups’ funding nonsense.

So on Tuesday, a handful of students showed up, sitting awkwardly on the couches of FundCom’s office in the Airport Lounge.

“I’m here because of the email,” was the common refrain. “The email was scary.”

But the fear lacked staying power. On Thursday, only four people (including Toni) were in attendance. Prospective members must attend three FundCom meetings in order to be official voting members. Seven are required for a functional committee.

FundCom meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00pm in the FundCom office in the back of the Airport Lounge.

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