Mixed Nuts Taking Bridge Money

Saffron Turner

Hampshire’s oldest student group, Mixed Nuts, is back in action for the fall 2016 semester. Now it’s easier than ever to support this student-run cooperative food market: you can swipe your OneCard at checkout and use your Dining Dollars! It’s easier than grocery shopping at the Hamp Store and cheaper than a meal at the Bridge Café. Better yet, Mixed Nuts prioritizes stocking organic, fair-trade products, and many products are incredibly affordable.

Check your mailbox, Hampshire students—you’ve received a voucher for a free dollar bag of snacks from Mixed Nuts. Only the first 250 students to redeem this voucher can claim their free snacks, so let’s head over to the Roos-Rhode House and see what all the hullabaloo is about.

After around 42 years of existence without a (stable) place to call its own, Mixed Nuts moved into the newly constructed Roos-Rhode House in spring 2015. It’s a wonderfully open space. A bench lines the far wall, decked with tables and desk chairs. A couch, a rug, a tapestry—it’s like no other space on campus, and perfect for cozy studying. Some nights, all the furniture is cleared away, turning the House into an intimate concert venue. However, most of the time you’ll stroll in midday after your class lets out at 2:20pm to grab a ginger beer and some chocolate-covered pretzels courtesy of Mixed Nuts.

New products available include bagels and cream cheese, chocolate bars, local kombucha, yogurt, and hummus. Mixed Nuts’ cooler also contains a variety of sodas, tofu, and maple syrup from the Hampshire Farm. Dry, packaged good include macaroni and cheese, chips, teas, and other light foods. Buy food staples and snacks by the ounce or pound: oats, beans, pasta, rice, flour, coffee beans, ginger, sesame sticks, pretzels, banana chips, yogurt-covered raisins, and more are at your disposal in the amount you desire. Don’t forget about the ice cream cooler stocked with local flavors!

Mixed Nuts Cooperative is completely student-run on a volunteer basis. Since 1972, Mixed Nuts has run as a collective dedicated to promoting respect with regards to food systems and cooperative-based management.

“Everyone, no matter how long they’ve been there,” said co-op member Maggie Rosenberg, “everyone has to be on board with an idea before we go through with it as a co-op. It feels very inclusive.”

There’s plenty of ways to help out with Mixed Nuts. You can join the cooperative and help be one of thousands of students who have helped out with ordering products, planning events, managing finances, publicity, and other Mixed Nuts related tasks. You can even get CEL-1 credit. Training for new members happens several times a semester. To learn more, stop by a co-op meeting, held each Sunday at 6:30pm in the Roos-Rhode House.

Mixed Nuts’ current hours are Monday-Friday, 10:00am-4:00pm.

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