Campus Police Investigating Assault in Woods

Howler Staff

A couple Howler reporters talked to Deputy Chief Ray Labarr this week to get the inside scoop about the woods incident which occurred last Friday. Gunshots, hatchet-wielding farmers, and murdered cows have been rumored and were reported, but are unconfirmed at this time. News of the incident, which apparently started when a yik yak post at UMass Amherst brought students to Hampshire’s campus expecting a woods party that was not actually happening, has been spreading in the form of hearsay all week.  Labarr said that several non-Hampshire students gave written statements and that one of them was kicked in the head, but the assailant remains unknown. Campus police talked to two farmers, including Gordon Cook of the Cook Farm on South Maple Rd, but nobody reported any problems with livestock or trespassers. A small hatchet used for cutting wood was also found in the woods. The investigation is ongoing.

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