Hampshire Halloween is Coming!

Cori Cannavino


Fall leaves, pumpkin patches, spookie vibes, corn maze… Hampshire Halloween??

It’s fall in the valley and Hampshire Halloween is so close we can almost taste the fake blood. So what’s happening this year? Hampshire Halloween will be held Friday the 28th and will start around 6:00pm on the library lawn and last until 1:00am. The Hype Committee has worked very hard in creating this year’s set list and activity schedule.


All Hampshire students receive free admission to Hampshire Halloween. Be sure to pick up your wristband from your campus mailbox. In years past, tickets have been sold to Five College students. There were rumors that Halloween would be closed to non-Hamp folks in the spirit of creating a community-centered celebration, but as in past years, guests are allowed—their tickets cost ten dollars. Campus will close at 6:00pm and all guests will be required to present an event ticket for admission. Students may purchase up to two guest tickets. Guests may participate in Hampshire Halloween activities with the knowledge that they must dress up and act like Hampshire students for Hampshire Halloween. Vague jokes aside, we’re all trying to have a good Halloween to ensure student safety and comfort. This is a friendly reminder to keep your guests in check and make sure your friends are not mean to other peoples’ friends.


Security and funding for the production have been a source of tension since the holiday’s inception. In light of recent budget realities, no performers will be given monetary compensation. Thus, most acts will be Hampshire students and local Valley performers. The budget is approximately half of what it was last year, after a lot of student protests about excessive costs.


Midnight breakfast, the Hampshire trademark of the evening will remain a tradition. The budget for midnight breakfast is $5,750 so make sure you enjoy the most expensive tater tots you will ever eat.


Hampshire Halloween is a time for laughs, moonlight solar panel ceremonies, and community blood bonding. This year make an effort to watch out and care for the people around you.


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