Remembering Professor Chike McLoyd

Sarah Rose Sanders

In a blow to the Hampshire community, Professor Chike McLoyd passed away on December 27,  after a brief battle with cancer. Chike was an inspiring figure on campus, and someone who made significant contributions to the fields of urban education and social justice. His students remember him as being a dedicated professor, who changed the way that they experienced learning. One student told the Howler they considered it an honor to be taught by him. Even those who did not get the chance to work closely with him or those who only experienced him in passing were struck by his kind nature. Beyond being an educator, Chike was a dedicated father and husband who spent every spare moment enriching the lives of his loved ones.
Chike will be deeply missed by many. For students and faculty who wish to learn more about Chike’s life or wish to pay respects to his family there is a website,, that is available to the public. On the website are photo galleries with pictures of Chike from many points in his life, as well as two different funds designed in an effort to help support his family. One fund is meant to help support his family, in consideration of the cost of the medical care he received in his last months.The other one is a college fund for his 9-year-old son, Chenzira.  

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