Vote No on SAF Equestrian Team Funding

Amy Deyerle-Smith

It’s that time in the semester where student groups that want more than $8,000 in funding ask for your vote of approval. And, unfortunately, it’s time to stop fully funding the equestrian team.

To be clear: I have nothing against horses, or those who ride them. I’m sure they’re all very nice people. But when people from VIBE come into FundCom to request five hundred dollars for a concert, or a group wants money for an event, we grill them to make sure that the event is open to the Hampshire community, so that as many students as possible can enjoy what their own money has purchased. And almost every semester, FundCom runs out of money before the end, leaving groups without meeting food, transportation or supplies.

The S.A.F. gets around $300k per year to spend on student groups. The Equestrian team gets a total of $20k, and can only accept ten people to the team. That’s 6.7% of our total funds going to .7% of our students. For context, Sports Co-Op got about $36,000 from the Student Activities Fund this year, for soccer, basketball and cross country: that’s six teams, serving an estimated 75-85 students.

When you take a class that uses expensive equipment, you have to pay a lab fee. It’s time for the equestrian team to chip in.

You can vote at

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