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The Night Truck: An Icon Attempts a Comeback

  Sarah Rose Sanders It’s strange to me to think that there is an entire generation of students here at Hampshire who have not gotten to experience The Night Truck. Some of my favorite memories from my first spring semester were made standing in the Dakin loading dock. The Truck ensured the lot was filled […]

Interview with Simon Fields About the Student Referendum

Hampshire College is currently in the process of electing their new student referendum. This will essentially decide how Hampshire College’s new student government will take shape. As Hampshire College elects the new student referendum, I sat down with Simon Fields for more information. Simon: There have been discussions about a student government, and there have […]

Collegiate-Link Wins Award for Usability

Amy Deyerle-Smith Collegiate-Link, the system Hampshire adopted for the managing of student groups, has just won its fifth consecutive C-Net “Usable as Hell” award for its user-friendly interface! This came as no surprise to Hampshire’s signers, who were all confident about its chances. “It’s nearly a perfect system,” one commented. “Those four menus you have […]

Div IIIs Totally Know What They’re Doing

Amy Deyerle-Smith In a stunning turn of events, the graduating class of 2017 are all completely in control of their lives. “They’re all done with their Div IIIs early!” Exclaimed a CASA representative last week. “It’s incredible! We’ve never seen anything like this!” “I don’t know what all the fuss was, really,” says Bekah Anderson, […]

JLash Opens Up About Retirement Plans

Amy Deyerle-Smith In the few short weeks since Jonathan Lash announced his slowly approaching retirement, a few burning questions have been on the mind of the student body. How can, and should we even, save American democracy as we once knew it? Is it OK to smoke on the Hadley side of the Big Y […]

Jonathan Lash Will be Replaced by His Brother, the Mysterious Racer X

Treat Shepardson Hampshire’s search committee has announced a replacement for outgoing president Jonathan Lash. Racer X, or “The Masked Racer,” will step up as the school’s new head administrator. Mar. X was announced as the incoming president Wednesday night after being found to meet the committee’s main stated criteria of being able to skillfully pilot […]

Kern Center Toilets Want Your Soul

Amy Deyerle-Smith We’ve all been there. Sitting in the Kern center, minding our own business, when nature calls. It starts out as a whisper, just on the edge of your consciousness– if you do not obey, it will grow louder until you find yourself headed towards the nearest throne room. At this point, you’re already […]

Fake Horoscopes 3/31

Kenzo Armstrong Aries, don’t go vomming the bed again baby. It’s your month and your time to shine. No one looks that shiny when they’re covered in vommm Why don’t u try eating tortellini pizza BEFORE drunk and not after ur crunk. Taurus, why don’t you channel ur existential dread and fear of what the […]

The Five Colleges Are Really the Backyardigans

Adina Sunny MYTH: A long held legend in the Pioneer Valley, passed down through the generations, is that the five college consortium was built on the graves of the members of the Mystery Gang, whose exploits were chronicled in the hit television series “Scooby-Doo”. The legend states that each college in the consortium was built […]

Big Issues, Chill Team: An Interview with the Ethical and Common Good-doers

Dylan Welch This interview is the first in a series I’m sort of committing to about people at Hampshire doing work I am grateful for and think more people should  know about. Last week I met with Teal Van Dyck and Javiera Benavente who are the program coordinator and director of the Ethics and Common […]