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The Equestrian Team responds to funding concerns

The Equestrian Team     We’re writing in response to an article that was published about our funding request, and why one individual felt that your vote should have been no. In the article, our funding request was put into the comparative context of the Hampshire Sports budget and roster numbers. We don’t believe comparing […]

‘The Triggering’ Was The End of the Beginning

Treat Shepardson   If you were at Hampshire last spring semester, you may remember it as a chaotic and recriminatory time for our community. Controversies boiled up over the status of dining commons workers, the management of the cultural center, the school’s handling of sexual assault, and the role of students in making decisions—and came […]

Vote No on SAF Equestrian Team Funding

Amy Deyerle-Smith It’s that time in the semester where student groups that want more than $8,000 in funding ask for your vote of approval. And, unfortunately, it’s time to stop fully funding the equestrian team. To be clear: I have nothing against horses, or those who ride them. I’m sure they’re all very nice people. […]

Why I’m Glad That Hampshire Decided To Put Up Its Flag

Grusha Prasad When I read JLash’s email about the decision to put the flag back up, I was relieved. Not because I felt unsafe on campus earlier (I realize I am very privileged to be able to stay in my mod and live in my Div III hole without having to worry about it and […]

Opinion: Make Hampshire a Sanctuary Campus

Eduardo Samaniego Undocumented immigrants are the most vulnerable group to a Trump presidency. For those of you who are not aware, there are currently over 700,000 young undocumented immigrants in the U.S. who have been approved for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a two year reprieve from deportation. It also gives those qualified access to […]

Take Down the Flag and/or Perish as an Institution

Treat Shepardson Trump won the election. This we know well by now; it has already transformed our lives. On Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, we passed through phases of grief and incomprehension. President Lash sent out an email meant to console; there were, suddenly, chalk drawings everywhere on campus, alternately comforting and galvanizing. In the […]

An Alarm, and a Call to Action

Eduardo Samaniego On Wednesday morning, around 3:30am someone pulled the fire alarms at different buildings at Hampshire College. Students rushed out, most had been in deep sleep. Watching the result of the election, most thought this was part of the reaction to Donald Trump becoming President-elect. After everyone gathered outside the building, we all waited […]

A Moment of Silence for the Bridge Quesadilla

Amy Deyerle-Smith The Bridge Quesadilla. An overpriced, delicious mix of ever rotating cheese and tortilla flavors. Every day was a surprise– would it be the green tortilla and the white cheese? The white tortilla and the mixed cheese? The true goal: the green tortilla and the yellow cheese? Alas, it no longer matters. For this […]

3 Things Herb Bernstein wants you to know about Hampshire College:

Adam Blaustein Rejto Disclaimer: the opinions and advice in this article are the work of its author(s) and not representative of the School of NS, Hampshire College as a whole or any professor in particular –including Herbert J Bernstein,who is on sabbatical Fall 2016 as well as all other NS professors. Learning Activities and Learning […]

From Within

Anonymous Center Black people. Black Transgender Nonconforming Queer Femmes/Non-Femmes are targeted and erased at Hampshire College. Center Black people. Center “Blackness.” This article is questioning why I can’t say anything. Why I can’t speak in the institutionally-provided spaces that exist for me without being considered a hateful voice that erases Blackness, even if I am […]