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The Equestrian Team responds to funding concerns

The Equestrian Team     We’re writing in response to an article that was published about our funding request, and why one individual felt that your vote should have been no. In the article, our funding request was put into the comparative context of the Hampshire Sports budget and roster numbers. We don’t believe comparing […]

Fake Horoscopes 3/25

Kenzo Armstrong Aries Mar 21- Apr 19 Dearest Aries angel, you need to get a grip. Stop posting nudes on Hampynudes. That is so last year! Taurus Apr 20- May 20 I’m sure you think that thing you did over spring break was really bad ass. Pix or it didn’t happen. Gemini May 21- Jun […]

Today Lynn Miller Said

On New Year’s Eve 1999, Lynn Miller said “Bring it on, Y2K!”

This Week In Climax History

Mar. 1: After reaching preliminary agreement on revised demands, Students of Under-represented Cultures and Ethnicities (SOURCe) end their occupation of the Dakin Master House, ending the longest takeover in Hampshire history. [The Permanent Press: March 11, 1988] Students rally in support of Roland Wiggins, a black professor of music, who has been suspiciously denied reappointment; […]

Tim’s Late News

Tim’s Late News “This Tim(e) It’s different” I got a letter from my friend last week. The letter came in a tiny envelope that was sealed with a strip of scotch tape. Inside was a single notebook page with the date February 2016 and a couple sentences written in blue cursive script. My friend mainly […]

HAMPSHIRE’S NEXT TOP MODEL (of thinking about disability)

Amy Deyerle-Smith Treat Shepardson In 2008, two students and former disabilities services coordinator Joel Dansky embarked on a survey of accessibility on Hampshire’s campus. The trio, in an almost-70 page report, outlined both the problems with the buildings and put forward recommended fixes–such as increasing the number of accessible bathrooms and moving student centers and […]

Fake Horoscopes 2/26

Jesse Moon Kenzo Armstrong Aries Mar 21- Apr 19 This is your week to find new love, Aries star angels! Don’t be afraid to head over to the Dark World show and mosh with a smelly person wearing a mask. They could be your knight in shining sweat, cutie. Taurus Apr 20- May 20 Not […]

Today Lynn Miller said

“What is this, a cocktail lounge?” – about the new couches in Cole.

The Case of the Broken Buttons: Accessibility at Hampshire

Amy Deyerle-Smith and Treat Shephardson Here’s something you probably do frequently: walk to the Bridge. After all, Hampshire students are required to spend $150 per semester at the bridge, or lose their money. Not only that, but the Bridge is one of the few congenial public areas on campus. But here’s a question you might not […]