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Interesting horoscopes for… interesting.. people..

Aries, you will be tempted to hire a baby to sort through your bedside table drawer containing your mail, receipts, business cards from creepy old guys you use as crutch paper, notes from middle school lovers, bandaids, shot glasses from the beach, etc. Then u remember that’s where u keep ur glock. Think twice before […]

The Equestrian Team responds to funding concerns

The Equestrian Team     We’re writing in response to an article that was published about our funding request, and why one individual felt that your vote should have been no. In the article, our funding request was put into the comparative context of the Hampshire Sports budget and roster numbers. We don’t believe comparing […]

Opinion: Make Hampshire a Sanctuary Campus

Eduardo Samaniego Undocumented immigrants are the most vulnerable group to a Trump presidency. For those of you who are not aware, there are currently over 700,000 young undocumented immigrants in the U.S. who have been approved for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a two year reprieve from deportation. It also gives those qualified access to […]

Hampshire’s Resilient Drought Response

Alyssa Lidman Since July, the Town of Amherst has been experiencing a severe drought. Lack of rainfall is the cause of this drought, with average rainfall at one third of its normal amount. The Town of Amherst issued a series of water restrictions that prohibit washing cars, watering lawns, and washing sidewalks. Nearly every area […]

Submit to The Reader

Kenzo Armstrong ATTN ALL ARTSY FARTS!!! The Reader, Hampshire’s longest standing literary and arts journal is now accepting submissions for the 2016 issue that will be printed this Spring. We are looking for all types of submissions: visual art, poetry, prose, nonfiction works, photography, photo essays, collages, digital art, performance pieces, song lyrics, sheet music- the […]

Fake Horoscopes 11/28

Kenzo Armstrong Aries freak baby buddies, we are all tired of being called whiny brats. Take to the streets with picket signs to protest the flag protesters who are protesting our protest against the Man. Taurus, when life gives you turtleboy sports, give life the old silent treatment. Exude peace, positive energy and good vibes. […]

An Interview with Jonathan Lash

WARNING: the following contains references to drugs and the death of a student.    Kenzo: The reason we called this meeting today is we wanted to have a conversation with you about opioid addiction on campus because of the recent passing of Will Wright. JL: was really awful. Kenzo: yeah. It’s very sad. And I […]

Fake Horoscopes 11/7

Kenzo Armstrong Aries, grab ur life by the balls this week. Take back control of your menstrual cycle. Take ur freakin pills i guess. Taurus, are you in a pitch black depression? Me too. Call someone. Gemini, your craigslist lover will bless you with a special surprise on the full moon. This may make you […]

Addiction Resources at Hampshire

Adam Blaustein Rejto Treat Shepardson We are living through a drug overdose epidemic. This is not meant to be a sensational statement, but a fact; each year, death from the use of opioids—prescription narcotics, heroin, and substitutes for heroin like fentanyl—increases in nearly every county in the United States. In recent years, as drug addiction […]

Campus Police Investigating Assault in Woods

Howler Staff A couple Howler reporters talked to Deputy Chief Ray Labarr this week to get the inside scoop about the woods incident which occurred last Friday. Gunshots, hatchet-wielding farmers, and murdered cows have been rumored and were reported, but are unconfirmed at this time. News of the incident, which apparently started when a yik […]