Aries, you will be tempted to hire a baby to sort through your bedside table drawer containing your mail, receipts, business cards from creepy old guys you use as crutch paper, notes from middle school lovers, bandaids, shot glasses from the beach, etc. Then u remember that’s where u keep ur glock. Think twice before […]

By Amy Deyerle-Smith Last Friday morning, President Jonathan Lash announced via email his intention to retire at the end of the 2017-18 school year. “This is a bittersweet decision for me,” he wrote, explaining the factors in his decision: his prolonged illness last winter that kept him out most of the spring semester, and his […]

The Equestrian Team     We’re writing in response to an article that was published about our funding request, and why one individual felt that your vote should have been no. In the article, our funding request was put into the comparative context of the Hampshire Sports budget and roster numbers. We don’t believe comparing […]

By Kenzo Armstrong Aries, this Valentine’s day, treat yourself to a phat doobie and a fresh can of chilled cola. Don’t do anything else. Also the new episode of the Bachelor is available to stream on Tuesday night 😉 Don’t tell me u forgot…. Taurus, the gods of St. Valentine’s day are actually queer. Maybe […]

Treat Shepardson   If you were at Hampshire last spring semester, you may remember it as a chaotic and recriminatory time for our community. Controversies boiled up over the status of dining commons workers, the management of the cultural center, the school’s handling of sexual assault, and the role of students in making decisions—and came […]

Sarah Rose Sanders In a blow to the Hampshire community, Professor Chike McLoyd passed away on December 27,  after a brief battle with cancer. Chike was an inspiring figure on campus, and someone who made significant contributions to the fields of urban education and social justice. His students remember him as being a dedicated professor, […]

Cori Cannavino The quesadilla is back– but at the cost of the breakfast sandwich, which will no longer be offered, as the Bridge will not be opening until 11am. Five menu items are also gone from the menu after a mysterious fryer hiatus: two new shiny gas fryers have been purchased and are sitting in […]

Kenzo Armstrong Aries, the stars are whispering in your ear… really softly. It’s not romantic. It’s something far more complicated… It seems as though you’ve peed on the rug. A small feat for a very small babie bunko. Taurus, this situation in your life right now is a little creepy. Like, objectively. From over here […]

Treat Shepardson A little over two years ago, while I was still trying to figure out how to transition between Div 1 and 2, I met with a HACU professor who I had never had a class with and had a long conversation about how I was confused and did not know what I wanted […]

Amy Deyerle-Smith It’s that time in the semester where student groups that want more than $8,000 in funding ask for your vote of approval. And, unfortunately, it’s time to stop fully funding the equestrian team. To be clear: I have nothing against horses, or those who ride them. I’m sure they’re all very nice people. […]