Submission Policy


We welcome any member of the Hampshire community to submit an article pitch to the Hampshire Howler. This section is for journalistic articles that aim to objectively pursue a topic you think is appropriate for the newspaper. Pitches should include a general outline of the topic you plan to write about, and include one or two potential sources.

You will then be connected to a content and copy editor. Articles must get to the content editor by 11:59pm on Monday, or it will be held until the next week. (People with article ideas are strongly encouraged to come to the Howler editing/layout meeting, Wednesday at 5:30pm in the APL.)

You may also submit suggestions for articles that you would prefer a Howler staff member write. Staff members may accept or reject the suggestion at their discretion.

Pitches should be emailed to



We welcome any member of the Hampshire community to submit an Opinion-Editorial to the Hampshire Howler. Op-eds must not contain libel. While they can be published anonymously, you must identify yourself to Howler staff. No more than two opinion-editorial articles are published per week in print in order to maintain space for articles. Additional opinion-editorials will be accepted for web-only publication as the Staff deems fit.

Opinion-editorials will be copy-edited by Staff without changing content. They must be submitted by Wednesday at 5pm. Pieces not deemed not suitable for the Hampshire Howler can be redirected to our partner publication, the Omen, at the submitting person’s request.

Those who submit an op-ed will receive notification of its acceptance or denial for print or web-based publication by Wednesday, 11:59pm. We encourage those submitting a non-anonymous opinion piece to the Hampshire Howler to also submit to the Omen, omen [at]

Please email submissions to

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